Gaming Case Study

$200,000+ in less than 60-days (*) is a social media gaming and app-testing network that allows users to earn while they play. The network is unique as it allows users to share a piece of the company’s advertising dollars. Users complete a variety of tasks including app downloads, sharing on social media, and more.

A secondary function that allows users to be paid $2 per click driven and up to $15 per referral.


In December 2022, A trend and keyword analysis revealed that (*) was a new website. The core issues were a lack of information and the target age group's attention span.

A secondary analysis showed that user opinions suffered due to the reputation of similar websites. Online user reviews created negative sentiments. Additionally, misinformation spread via a popular company blogging website compounded more discouraging opinions.


I signed up as an influencer/affiliate. After reading the guidelines, I decided to influence CTR and referrals. I applied a $37 budget for 60 days. I added complimentary content via social media. $17 to register a domain and $20 in ads. Furthermore, I created short-burst content for the people in my network. They shared content hourly and bi-hourly.

Phase 1: I generated short bursts of information to counteract the audience’s reservations about the website's new guidelines. This also addressed the issue of the audience’s attention span. 

Shared daily via social media following the 90/10 rule. Social media posts throughout the day using organic methods. Secondary updates aided users through the sign-up process. 

Phase 2: I developed more short-burst content and promoted it via behavioral ads. I created Meta/Facebook Ads with a specific psychographic makeup in mind. These ads targeted users based on an affinity towards the gaming industry. Specifically online gaming and social networking.

Phase 3: Lastly, Supplementary statuses created value for affiliates and influencers. Statuses and video content guided users on how to maximize income via (*).


Social media drove engagement click-thru resulting in a $201,835.38 increase in click and referral revenue. My immediate network added $33,126.30 which resulted in $7,751 in profit. The My downline added $12,866.32

In the first weeks, I averaged about $3,500 per day. At current, around $8,000 per. There was a 12.40% loss in clicks accounting for $25,027.59. The guidelines suggested that disqualified clicks were made by bots and crawlers.

User sentiment improved by 2.0%. Lastly, the boarding of new advertisers (i.e. Angi, Brite Money, PCH, Stash, and others). An increase in the number of local and international users.


Written by Tisho Richardson

Tisho Richardson has 13+ years of experience as an SEO, Content Marketing Specialist, and B2B Social Media Manager. He can track and measure large amounts of data to present actionable strategies to reduce marketing expenses and increase KPI.

My ‘Keep it real’ Statement: I am an affiliate of some of the utilities that I mention on this website. Which means I receive monetary compensation for promoting them. I will always denote this by (*) at the end of each Link.