Cyber Security Case Study

$14,000,000 in 6 months

$14,000,000 in 6 months

(Name withheld) Cybersecurity is a cyber security firm founded in Israel. Additionally, there are headquarters in Chicago, Dallas, and New York. For over 20 years, the company has developed end-to-end security solutions for small and medium enterprises.


There were a variety of difficulties leading up to the brand underperforming in key categories. Technically the website and its content were out of date. Website content was thin in some areas, did not adhere to SEO guidelines, and needed grammatical updates.

Furthermore, search engine optimizations, social media, emails, and other paid mediums were not being utilized to their full potential. The rebrand creates a necessity to reimagine the branded keywords and base keyword strategy.

A company rebrand and a lack of key data created a disconnect between departments.

Lastly, there was a pressing need to harden website security from internal and external threats.


In April 2022, A 360 technical analysis revealed a host of technical issues that could result in an increase in visitors to the website. In May 2022, I was able to visit the sales team at the Chicago headquarters. This meeting allowed me to tap into the team’s knowledge of the sector and basic pain points.

Phase 1: A punch list of medium and high-priority website items yielded a quick turnaround. A website audit allowed me to improve crawlability, performance and while tackling a plethora of low-priority items. Working with Digital Agency Razor Rank, allowed deeper fixes to the server. Web server access was restricted by their service agreement.

Phase 2: With insights from the sales team, I created a data visualization. The visualization then in turn allows me to create standard operating procedures. The SOPs allowed me to train marketing and content personnel to execute day-to-day tasks.

A secondary effect of the data visualization was improved reporting and decision-making.

Phase 3: I created documentation for SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, and content marketing. The SOPs were available to key department personnel. This allowed for improved turn-around and meeting desired expectations.

Phase 4: Improved data reporting allowed for the creation of Landing pages, emails, and content targeted to the personas outlined. Working with digital marketing agency Scratch M+M, allowed for targeted PPC and Social Media campaigns. This resulted in an increase in qualified sales and marketing leads.


Working with SEO, content, social, sales, channel, and external teams saw Q2 yield $4+ million in sales. Each department benefited from improved data reporting and lead quality. Q3 yielded $10+ million as departments adopted a more structured and driven approach.

Organic traffic 104% boost in organic traffic, 33% direct, and 175% referral to website traffic. Social media saw a 241% increase in assisted social media managers. Paid advertising traffic saw the most improvement (693,571%) as a result of not being utilized the previous year.

Email open rate (5+%) improved from single to double digits. (12+%). Improved PR strategies saw an overall improvement in brand visibility.


Written by Tisho Richardson

Tisho Richardson has 13+ years of experience as an SEO, Content Marketing Specialist, and B2B Social Media Manager. He can track and measure large amounts of data to present actionable strategies to reduce marketing expenses and increase KPI.

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