Legal Sector Case Study

Clifton, New Jersey-based company The Rosenblum Law Firm P.C. is a top-rated legal practice in the New York and New Jersey areas. The firm provides legal services for various traffic offenses, cybercrimes, and minor criminal offenses. Focused mainly on traffic offense the firm is heavily involved in every aspect of education, and awareness-building to ensure maximum results.

The Rosenblum Law Firm supports its clients with various online resources and in-house phone staff. The flagship online publication is which aims to be the go-to name for information regarding fighting traffic. The firm also has a niche-specific publication dedicated to one-off subjects closely related to the client’s needs.

The Challenge:
After the interview for a performance-based position, The Rosenblum Law Firm reached out for several reasons:
       They realized they were up against consumers’ outdated website security and technology. 
       They needed to improve local and regional search positioning
       They desired to increase lead volume and implement better customer acquisition technology
       Their approach to online strategy had been to educate and was primarily one-way. They recognized that internet usage and consumers were evolving, and their strategy needed to evolve to match.
       They desired better end-to-end tracking of the lead capturing and conversion process.
       They needed to Migrate to a new brandable web domain.

The Solution:
We began with an in-depth analysis of the site's performance and visitor behavior. We then took the research and strategy work that The Rosenblum Law Firm had already done, improved, and applied it across their online media. This initially included launching a completely secure website. Followed by improving foundational SEO, and traditional local SEO tactics. Web and Call Analytics and Implementing cutting-edge lead capture process. Web and Call Analytics and Implementing cutting-edge lead capture process. 
In 2+ years with the firm, we implemented many improvements. This started by creating a new blogging protocol. First by moving away from chasing the news to creating evergreen content and added 2-way guest blogging.  We also improved how email was marketed implemented new themes, tested headlines, and implemented better email tracking.
Additionally, there was a desire to migrate there, the most frequented publication to

The Results:
During my tenure, visitors to the web portfolio improved by nearly 34% and grew. Call volume also improved by nearly 23%. The low of this project saw traffic and call volume fall 27% and 16% of its normal user base. This was partly due to outdated technology, frequent outages, and changes in the search algorithm. 

With a heavy emphasis on high-quality, optimized content, 7% of the visitors who come to the website do so through search engines, mostly from non-branded search terms relevant to specific needs and questions conversion improved at a rate of 1.15552%. Additionally, the company saw improved search visibility from Google's featured search, which added another 3% visitor increase.
The Rosenblum Law Firm Also benefited from improved analytical capability, gaining the ability to access, web, phone, and conversion data in real time. The creation of data visualizations allows easy access to key information, and stakeholders are now able to determine effects on the fly.
In November 2017, with the assistance of the newly implemented web strategy and technical teams, was migrated to


Written by Tisho Richardson

Tisho Richardson has 13+ years of experience as an SEO, Content Marketing Specialist, and B2B Social Media Manager. He can track and measure large amounts of data to present actionable strategies to reduce marketing expenses and increase KPI.

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