Swordofshomenz AI Toolkit

Setting New Standards:

The Swordofshomenz™ AI series is a powerful set open source of utilities to keep your company's AI running securely and efficiently.

Built In Revenue Generation:

A core design of our system is financial stability by introducing a built in financial mechanism that utilizes web3, Dapps and blockchain protocols.

Powerfully Simple Integrations:

Our simple but effective shortcodes system helps to generate additional income to your business by decreasing and improving fees across a variety of providers.

Next Level Ability:

Our toolset includes suites for enhanced logic security, processing, power management, statistics, automation, education, data compliance and more.

  • Burnbabyburn ™ A Powerful burning and refinement mechanism designed to peddle complex calculations.
  • Coolcumbustion ™ Enhanced cooling mechanism used to provide lower fuel and energy consumption.
  • Dahaszet ™ Logic circuitry that utilizes public data to create incredible data reporting.
  • Dahinferno ™ Enhanced refinement circuitry that utilizes web3 to provide crypto burning for blockchain assets
  • Liquidassets ™ Enhanced refinement circuitry that utilizes web3 to burn cryptos and liquidity recovery.
  • Ruffyoupayme ™  Simple yet secure payment system with limitless possibilities.
  • Staycool ™ Standard cooling mechanism used to provide low fuel and energy consumption.
  • Superthecreator ™ Logic circuitry that utilizes marketing data to create incredible data reporting, website, marketing collateral and more.
  • Sabytwurl ™ A powerful yet unrefined burning mechanism best combined with Liquiasset or burnbabyburn.
  • TruAdminZ ™ Admin portal that allows seamless organization of your data assets.
  • TruEdu1, 2 and 3 ™ A new standard in visual learning. Prepare for an interactive and immersive educational experience. 
  • TruVisi ™  A new stand in visual capability. Custom designed to your AI and graphic presets.
  • TruInteli ™ The standard in intelligence gathering in one compact shortcode. 
  • TruVuur ™ A new level of visual analysis that affords a low carbon footprint.
  • TrutalknZ ™ The ultimate digital assistant. The TruTalkinZ circuitry is constantly learning, thinking, evolving and waiting for your command.
  • TruMediHeal ™ A revolutionary gift to the medical sector. Providing cost effective options with less impact on your health.
  • TruPoundS3Dsrs ™ A new sound module that you create with your imagination and mine. Synchronizes seamlessly with DAW and AI integrated systems.
  • TruIntouch ™ True private messaging capabilities without the fillers and false realities.
  • TruReboot0 ™ Revolutionary new sensors for the Transportation automotive, EV and aeronautics industry.

We provided API toolkit for all sectors including healthcare, finance, public education and more.

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